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Salem, OH. 44460
Providing a Safe Workplace at Colian’s Stone Pit

-When possible, our employees will be able to work from home while ordering products and communicating with customers on sales. All design work will be done from home, not in the office.
-Any employee who is running a fever will be sent home. We will be following the Stay at Home Order section 18 part b, c, d, and e.
-There will not be more than 1 employee in a vehicle. We will provide a different vehicle for each employee.
-We will be frequently performing enhanced environmental cleaning of our work place.
-We will continue to have our prices marked out on most of supplies so people are able to drive around our place and still get pricing without having to get of their cars.
-If a customer does have to come into the office for payment or check prices, we have designated out 6’ to practice social distancing. We will also be providing hand sanitizer to our customers and also our employees.
-We will also be continuing our phone orders. A customer may call in and order product. They are able to make a payment over the phone. We will also ask our customers to mark where they want product dumped, whether it be with a cone, bucket, or anything that have available to let us know where the product goes without social interacting.
-We will also be accepting orders through email. We will send you over an invoice through email where you are able to pay by credit card.
-We ask our customers, if you are sick or not feeling well, please do not come into our store. Please take advantage of phone ordering or online. We want to protect you, other customers, our employees and our families.
-During this time, we want to protect our elderly as well. We ask that our customers who are elderly use our separate entrance into our office and we will take care of you in the back portion of our office. This allows us to practice social distancing while keeping you safe.
- For any customer who comes in to purchase supplies from us, if you feel it’s in your best interest not to come into our office to pay for the product you receive, you may do 1 of the following; A. Call in and pay B. We will come out to your car and we can write the receipt there and collect payment.
-With COVID-19 uncertainty, we will always be trying to find ways to improve our workplace to keep our employees and customers safe.